Sandys Control P2 Human Toilet


Sandys Control P2
The cleaning slave is also our toilet slave and every lady can use him as a human toilet. Lady Sandy has to shit now and the slave immediately has to go under the toilet chair and open his mouth. Lady Sandy is shitting a huge pile directly into the mouth of the slave and told him, that he has to eat it all. The turd is too big and some pieces of shit are falling down on the ground. His mouth is filled up and the toilet slave begins to chew and swallow.

10 GIRLS shitting in his mouth 137 MINUTES HUMAN TOILET EXTREME

Solid Rock Combination, Please stop, Aahh, Heelp
The Movie in all Parts. Our Slave visited us to be used again as Toilet. Starting with eliminate Type Game and then we put his Head in Plaster, tied him up and he took a cruel beating from our most sadistic Girls. Then The Shit piled up on his Face and after 10 Girls pooped, the feeding starts. This is our highest complimented Movie yet and maybe even our best, but this remains in the Eye of the Beholder. English Subtitles and in HD

The glutton – Toilet Slave -SCAT-MOVIE-WORLD

The glutton
That is, how a slave has to work! Before this movie he got some snot, spittle, pee and a huge load of dirt from the street to eat for videos on the ?dangerous-girls?, but now finally in this clip he is allowed to swallow a big portion of scat. Is he well after that? Haha? That is not important for me, as long as he swallows all as I command. For my fun he gets some beats and kicks also. 😉

It runs in the family Scat

We couldn’t believe it when we heard that Mistress Rayven and Cassie Sparx mother..yes MOTHER!!! wanted to shit in the toilets mouth. Shes an over 40 something year old with a big ass and just like her daughters puts out a massive shit load for the toilet to eat. We added the shitting action in slow motion so you can see the huge dump coming out her ass. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats.